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Trekking in the Barda Hills

Immediately after the rains in the winter season, it's a dream come true for trekkers in the barda hills.

Lush green woods with streams and little water falls all over the hills convert this area into a trek lovers dream destination.

A word to trekkers, please maintain the environment of this majestic place by not disturbing the ecology, as very few places in this area have this magic..

Ascending the hills

The barda mountains are about 90 KMS from Jamnagar.

Entry to this wonderful place is done after taking permits from the forest department, which falls under Porbunder district. One can take the permissions from the gate from where the uphill starts. Taking a heavy vehichle like Sumo, Qualis or Tempo trax is advised.

Its a tough road up the hills, but the drive is a great experience and it gives a chance to spot a variety of birds and animals.

Atop the Kileshwar hill

Mornings in the barda hills are wonderful.


The rising sun with the sweet musical calls of the birds gives a refreshing feeling.

During the hot summer

During the hot summer months the Barda hills look like this. Generally all the streams  dry up and gives the place an arid look.

So if anyone wishes to visit this beautiful sanctuary while its lush green should make it there in the initial months of winter. That is between October to December.

Though this dry season holds an enchanting feeling in this barda hills.



Camel ride

Camels are used in the hills to transport goods to the top. One can even think about hiring these camels for touring the Barda.

One can ask the camel handlers to take from inside the woods via the natural trails - "kedi" to get the real feel of the barda.



For easy going, one can always use the trails called "kedi" used by the ethnic tribes (maldharis) of the barda hills.

Generally one can start trekking from the top of the Kileshwar hill from near the temple complex and go down into the valley and into the forest. Taking along a stick in the trek would be a good idea.

During the trek one can find different, butterflies, birds, hyenas, snakes, etc

If one gets the chance to be there in the barda during the Month of Shrawan, then one can join in the wonderful chanting of worshipping Goddess Momai done by the local Maldharis near the temple of Kileshwar Mahadev.  

Please respect the sentiments of the local people during the treks


The combination of the rocks and the hills makes it a place for wonderful earthy connection for people who love nature..



Sound of the Streams

Streams gather from all sides of the hills and run along this woods.

The calming effects of the natural sounds of the streams running on the rocks, soothe the senses.

This tranquil place is good for meditation too.




Permissions from the Forest Department is needed for visitng Barda Sanctuary.

For assistance in conducting a trekking tour, contact  Hotel President ...


Hotel President, Teen Batti, Jamnagar - 361 001, Gujarat, India.

Phone: +91 288 2557491  Fax: +91 288 2558491

Email: info@hotelpresident.in




This website is for local & international tourists as well as for Jamnagar residents interested in knowing more about the area. This data is compiled from various websites, books as well as been fed by me. Pls feel free to take any data from this website.

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