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In Jamnagar, you will find varied types of Food, ranging from the local junk food to the continental cuisine.

Jamnagar people love to eat, so here one finds quite a many food joints scattered all around the city, they maybe a hawker with foods on display in his larry or a small shop selling food to the huge waiting list of people.

Sundays are the days when mostly people go out to have fun in Jamnagar. Fun in Jamnagar means going out for a long drive or making an 8 around the city,.(going around the lake & Pratap Palace Area). and visiting this larrys and eating the hot & tasty food. On the lake thre are so many joints for this kind of junk foods. There are also Fresh Fruit sellers who juice them in front of you and if you specify, then serve them without adding the spices and ice.


A plate of Gathia


Pakvan with spicy dal




poori of Pani Poori

Pani Puri

Chillies being fried

Chilli being fried



              Ras Paatra

              Ras Patra

              Soft Khandvis


              Daal Poori

              Daal Puri

              ABCD dal rice at Hotel President

              ABC Dal RIce at Hotel President

            The Local Favorite Junk foods are :

            • Gathiya
            • Bhajia
            • Pakwan
            • Gughra
            • Dabeli bread
            • Bhel puri
            • Pani puri
            • american makaai
            • Katka Bread
            • Jotta Bread (very very spicy)
            • Bhaji Cone
            • Dhokla
            • Ras Patra
            • Khandvi
            • Daal Puri
            • Chana Masale
            • Dry Fruit Kachoris

            Before eating, one should check the spiciness of the food item.

            Talking about eating spicy food, here is something which i came across on the net.:

            "A number of studies have claimed that the reaction of pain receptors to the hotter ingredients in curries, even a Korma, leads to the body's release of endorphins and combined with the complex sensorary reaction to the variety of spices and flavours, a natural high is achieved that causes subsequent cravings, often followed by addiction and a desire to move on to hotter curries. Defining this as "an addiction" is contested by many researchers".



The Local Favorite Sweets are :

  • Peda

  • Gulaab Jamun

  • Barfi

  • Mesub

  • Dry fruit Kachori

  • Anjeer Paak

  • Ras Malai

  • Adadhiya

  • Ras Gula

The Sweet Shops in Jamnagar are many, but the oldest running and doing good business are:( in Alphabatical order b`coz nearly all are my friends):

H.J Vyas, Shrikhand Samrat, Travadi Sweets, Trikam Bechar, Valabhdas Pedawala.

These places are quite famous, ask anyone and they will tell you the way, then you can reach there and eat to your hearts content and take some along for gifting.

Paans of Jamnagar

Betel chewing is a part of many Asian cultures, and preparation techniques vary from region to region. The nut is either slivered or grated, often flavored with spices according to local tradition and usually wrapped in a betel leaf ( betel leaf comes from the betel pepper plant, Piper betle, which is not botanically related to the betel palm, Areca catechu), along with some lime (calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide) to better extract the alkaloids. Some people also chew tobacco with betel nut. After about 20 minutes of chewing, the fibrous residue which remains of the nut is spat on the street, where it remains visible due to its characteristic bright red color. Trails of bright red sputum lining the sidewalks are a sure indication of the popularity of betel chewing in an area.

In Jamnagar, betel (called paan ) chewing is as popular as tobacco smoking in the whole world. Paan is often served wrapped in a betel leaf,

In Jamnagar, infact in the whole of India, paan has been playing an important part in social life and customs for hundreds of years. In the courts of Medieval Rulers, the betel leaf or pan was offered as part of hospitality, friendship and love.

In the templeof Lord Venkatesh at Tirupati in the south, the butter from the forehead of Lord Venkatesha, wrapped inside a pan leaf, is given to devotees as a special blessing from the Lord.

In olden days wives offered betel leaf to their husbands to seduce them and to wean them away from the 'Other Women' after reciting the Vashikaran mantras 108 times. The thugs, in the olden times, poisoned their victims by offering a poison filled pan after a heavy wining and dining session

In the underworld, even today, the word 'supari' is used as a cue for murder.

A paan can be offered to guests at any time.

The Different types of paans are:

'Saada paan:Just a filling of cardamom, betel nut and cloves

Chutney paan: Has a filling of cardamom, betel nut & spicy mint paste.

Meetha paan: Its filled with grated coconut, dates, gulkand (rose petal & sugar syrup) & jellied fruit.

Tobacco paan: is filled with tobacco of different brands and betel nut.

Eating pan continuously and with tobacco can cause cancer but then anything is bad in excess. Moreover, the tobacco users also need to spit it out which they do everywhere. you will see the landing of many buildings covered with the stains of pan spit making the place very ugly.

Regular betel chewing also causes the teeth and gums to be stained red; however, it may also reduce cavities.

In Jamnagar the best places to have paan are :

1. Manoobhai Paanwala, behind Hotel President

2. N.D. Paanwala, in Limda Lane

3. Bajrang Paan, on the Pandit Nehru Road

You can ask any autorickshaw driver to take you there, they are famous...


Note: i am only suggesting the above as local people do it, please check the Hygiene before eating anything when out of your home.

On many days we as a group go out for hogging - if you want to join us then email me..



This website is for local & international tourists as well as for Jamnagar residents interested in knowing more about the area. This data is compiled from various websites, books as well as been fed by me. Pls feel free to take any data from this website.

i`ll try to keep updating this website. if you have want to add something about Jamnagar, then pls email me.



Created by -Mustak- 2005   
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