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The road from Jamnagar to Porbunder (the Birth place of Mahatma Gandhi) is full of Ancient & new Temples dedicated mostly to Lord Shiv, Ashapura Goddess, Lord Ganesh starting from Bholeshwar to the Gopnath Mahadev on Gop Hill, to Ashapura Mata & Standing Lord Ganesha at Ghumli and Kileshwara Mahadev in the Barda Mountains which are in the Barda Willife Reserve...

Bholeshwar Temple

Bloseshwar Mahadev Darshan

Rest rooms at Bholeshwar


Gop Hill is a favorite spot for pilgrims as well as adventure seeking people


Gopnath Mahadev Temple

Gopnath Hill

View from the top

There are about 600 steps to the top


Further on the Barda Hills start  


Barda Mountain Range is 16 Kms North South and 11 KMs East West

The summits are: Aabhpara, Dughiya, Kanmero, Dandiyo, Kileshwar. The highest summit of this range is Aabhpara at the height of 1938 Feet.

Here one can see the ancient settlements of Ghumli , the "Son kansaari "temples, drive up to Kileshwar temple,climb the steps to Ashapura tremple



Ashapura Temple at Ghumli: According to folk lore, in the 14th century, Jam Unndji came from Sindh area with an army to conquer Ghumli, but he could not conquer, so after that his son Bamaniyaji came and surrounded Ghumli with a huge army, at that time, the king Bhaman Jethwa, escaped to Ranpur via the route of Kileshwar. So Bamniyaji attacked and destroyed Ghumli.

On the same night Goddess Ambaji came in his dream and told him that, as she has granted the wish "Asha" of his father to conquer Ghumli, he should make a temple in her name.

So Bamaniyaji built the Temple of Ambaji on the hill in the middle of Ghumli and named it as Ashapura Temple ( Ashapura means the granter of wishes)

Till today this temple is very popular among pilgrims, who climb up the numerous steps for paying homage to Goddess Ashapura.


road to the barda hills

Ancient Shiv Temple

Shiv Temple in the hills

In the foot hills of the Ashapura Temple in Ghumli is the ancient Navlakha Temple its a huge Shiv Temple with intricate workmanship, though damaged also in the earthquake is famous among archaeologists




From the start , its an exciting terrain from the entrance of the gates of the Barda Sanctuary to reaching the top on the Kileshwar . The trip culminating at the Kileshwar Shiv Temple is great...

The rocky road to Kileshwar in the barda hills.

If visited in early winter one can see the beautiful rivers with this majestic barda mountains

There are talks about bringing the Lions of Sasan Gir to this Barda Sanctury because of its similarity of the sasan gir forest, it can also easily accommodate the sasan gir lions


The forest rest house on the barda hills

A camel ride through the barda sanctury is a great adventure

entrance to Kilesheswar

the beautiful pond full of crocodiles, water snakes, turtles & water lilies

crocodile in the pond

the "rakshash vruksh" meaning the demon tree


Kileshwar Mahadev Temple

Darshan of Kileshwar Mahadev

the internal pond

the bathing pond  on the other side of the crocodile pond is a nice spot for a dip


Further on from the Barda Mountains is the famous Bileshwar Mahadev temple.


Temple complex, Mokhana

Bilesh Mahadev

Modhpar fort


This temple is of Mahadev, Laxmi & Vishwakarma

Bileshwar Temple complex

this fort was used during the olden times for gladiator  fights between prisoners




This website is for local & international tourists as well as for Jamnagar residents interested in knowing more about the area. This data is compiled from various websites, books as well as been fed by me. Pls feel free to take any data from this website.

i`ll try to keep updating this website. if you have want to add something about Jamnagar, then pls email me.



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