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Within Jamnagar..

Bala Hanuman Temple

Highly venerated among the devotees of Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the Bala Hanuman Temple is famous the world over for the continuous chanting of the mantra "Jai Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram". Starting since 1st August, 1964, the chant is still continuing and has earned the temple a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

This place has taken the invention of industrial methods and given it a divine thrust. For it is here that you will find efficient, non-stop devotion where people have been chanting 'Shri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram,' in shifts 24 hours a day.

Early evening is particularly good time to visit as it's fairly animated then. In fact this whole area on the south-eastern edge of the lake becomes very lively around sunset, when people come to promenade.


Bhidbanjan Temple

This Ancient Bhid Bhanjan Temple built by the Jams is worth visiting even if you are not a believer. The temple complex is one of the most visited in the mornings and evenings..


Shiv Temples.Sidhnath mahadev Kashi Vishwanath Mahadev

The Shiv Temples within the city are so many. Temples like Badrikedar Nath and Nilkanth Mahadev Temle around the Town Hall and the Kashi Vishwanath Temple on K.V. Road are worth visiting.


The Sidhnath Mahadev Temple just outside the city holds great prestige among believers

Badri Kedarnath Mahadev Nilkanth Mahadev Temple

Samshaan & the Circle of Life


Known as Smashaan: The unexpectedly pleasant atmoshphere of the funeral place takes people by surprise.  Since the re-building of this place in 1940 by Shri G. H Thakker, lots of labour of love has give this beautiful appearance to the smashaan. The statues placed in the beutiful gardens are of Gods, saints, holy men, great worshippers, great worriors. The murals depicting scenes from the Ramayan draw attention.  The Circle of life showing the stages in life of man is also thought evoking.

You can read about the history and other details and also see photographs on their website: www.sonapuri.com which is considered to be worlds 1st website of a 112 years old crematorium.



Jain Temples..

Vardhman Shah's Temple : The foundation stone for this temple was laid in 1612 during the rule of His Highness Jam Jasaji - I and completed in the year 1620. Surrounding this temple 52 'Deri' (a very small temple) were built in 1622.

Raisi Shah's Temple:  Tejsi Shah built jain temples in 1564 which were ruined by Moghul army in 1590. Tejsi Shah renovated these temples in 1592. In the year 1619 his son Raisi Shah built 'Deri'(a very small temple) around it.

Sheth's Temple : Built in the year 1594 by Bhansali Abji.

Vasupujya Swami's Temple : They are believed to be built by Aaskaran Shah in the 17th century.

These temples form the centerpiece of the old city with its lovely buildings of wood and stone, adorned with pastel colored shutters and wooden balconies.

The area around this temples is called Chandi Bazaar, meaning Silver Market, full of silver and gold jewel makers.

Towers & Gates


The two towers of Mandvi & Pancheshwar and the Khambhalia,& Grain Market Gate, are the only signs remaining along with some parts of the great walls around the city which were built in the 17th Century by the Wazir Meraman Khawas also known as Meru Khawas, he was said to be very powerful Jamnagar was fortified and turned into a walled city by  him. He was considered to be a dictator ruling over Jamnagar between 1744 to 1800 AD. 

Jam Lakhaji when still a child married Dipabai, a Jhala  princess of Halwad/Dhrangadhra, in her train came to  Jamnagar Meru Khawas along with his brothers Nandji and  Bhawan. And as Jam Lakhaji was quite young, Meru Khawas took  all the powers and ruled over Jamnagar, after the death of  Jam Lakhaji, Meru Khawas installed on the throne Jam Jasoji,  eldest son of Jam Lakhaji, but he kept, as before ,all powers  in his own hands.

His rule was vigorous and he made many  additions to the state. He had fortified Jamnagar, by building around it, walls of  white stone with 5 gates, 23 towers and 8 postern gates.

Mandvi Tower

Grain Market Gate

Pancheswar Tower


Also known as the Ranjit Institute of Poly-Radio Therapy is one of its only kinds in Asia. A slowly revolving tower provides full daylong sunlight for the treatment of skin diseases.This was built by Jam Shri Ranjitsinhji during his rule by bringing in an expert from France.

Though right now its non operational, talks are on for starting it again.

Dargah & Saifee Tower

Bohra Hajira

The Bohra Hajira is also worth a visit, on entring Jamnagar city by road on the Rajkot Highway, one can see this Magnificient Structure on the banks of the river. Permission has to be taken before visiting the place.

Many years back boats used to sail in this Rangmati & Nagmati rivers, but presently the water level is very less and many a times this rivers dry up and the river bed is used for hosting the Shravan Month Fairs


Darbargadh Area

Willingdon Crescent: Across the road from the darbargadh, is one of Jam Saheb Ranjit Sinhji s attempts to replace the choked slums of Nawanagar with a new citadel inspired by his European journeys. The crescent comprised arcades of cusped arches, larger on the ground floor and smaller on the upper storey, pilasters on the curving walls, and balusters on the parapet. Statue of the Jam saheb stand in the centre. The royal emblem of the Jam saheb crowns the crescent.

Presently one can go shopping in this area.

Lakhota Lake

In the centre of  Jamnagar, and in the middle of the lake, is the magnificent old structure: which now houses a mini museum . A holy saints Dargah is also there where people go to  offer their respects.

Even walking on the causeway for reaching the museum is soothing to the senses.


Here one can find 10th century excavated artificats like copper plates, statues, etc


This museum collection was refurbished during the grand celebration of the Republic day of 26 January 2000 and then the last curator Dr. Goswami upgraded it and now Mr. Patel the current curator is upgrading the exhibits..


Here in the 1st photo below one can see the system where if one blows into one hole water comes out of another hole in the floor. Just above it one can see the beautiful wood carvings..


Romantic side of Lakhota..

For the Romantics, just a paddle boat ride in the lake can give a very memorable experience.

Motor boats take people around in the lake for 15 minutes and if you want to go all by yourself then you can hire a paddle boat and go around inside the lake. The beautifuly lit lake gives you an experience which is hard to find elsewhere


If you are interested in seeing some more photos of Jamnagar, then please checkout the photo albums on my page in Facebook: Jamnagar the beautiful




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